Area Manager
The Mayo Agencies

Growth, Opportunity, Individualism, Collaboration, Innovation; these are the words that keep us up late into the night excited. Every day is different than the one before, new challenges, new adventures, new opportunities. With the backing of a Fortune 1000 company, we are breaking ground all over Central Texas and are looking for qualified leaders to help bring this company to never before seen places. 2015 was a year of breaking records, 2016 will be the year of feeling foolish for having considered that impressive!

Our company handles all the hiring, training, and marketing in our area. We pride our self in the knowledge that we are a company that is made up of people. And each of them are a essential part of the whole. We are looking for Leaders who understand that the true mark of a leadership is not how many followers they have, but rather how many leaders they create. We need managers who aren't afraid to let their team think out side the box.

We have proven systems, we want someone willing to learn them and help train others how to use them. But we can't be content, next we brainstorm and find ways to improve upon them. We can't motivate people, it's not our job. What we can do is create a culture that allows someone's existing motivation to grow and thrive. You need to understand how to motivate and train a team, you need to be willing to work hard and leave your stamp on the organization.

We are looking for Leaders who know how to attract and hire talent, then train them, leaders who develop the people around them. Team players who strive for personal excellence. I you feel you are he kind of leader we are looking for please reach out and contact us.

Requirements for position:

  • 4 yr degree in relevant field (business management, marketing, sociology, etc) Or 3 years of relevant field experience (management, teaching, team building)

  • the ability to follow directions

  • the ability to teach and train

  • desire to grow and advance quickly.

  • Travel throughout Central Texas

Average Compensation range is 85kk -130k depending on qualifications and performance.

You will be mentored by Training Managers and Area Managers throughout your first few months and working with a team.

As you know it takes more than just a resume to make a Leader.  So while we are interested in your accomplishments, we are much more interested in you. So we lined up a few questions giving you all the freedom to really share what makes you tick!