We're hiring an Account Manager.  An interview with Cari Anderson

We are looking for account managers to join our team. Since the job is so varied from day to day, the best way to explain this position is to let one of our senior account managers, Cari do it.

Hi Cari, so what is it that you do?

I’m a senior account manager at The Mayo Agencies. I was actually the second person hired in the Austin office, so I got the experience of seeing it grow into what it is today. I work with employers of all different kinds: cities, counties, schools and all types of businesses, in protecting and educating their employees and saving everyone money on payroll taxes.


My job is different every day. I choose where I work and what businesses or municipalities I want to work with and a big part of what our company does is to help protect families at no-cost to anyone. I really love that part. It makes everything else I do so much easier. Even if the timing is off and we can't to business, the company still gives them some coverage at no cost. I mean, who doesn’t want free stuff?

"It has provided me autonomy like I have never enjoyed before."

-Cari Anderson

How is this career different from others you’ve had?

It has provided me autonomy like I have never enjoyed before with a ceiling-less opportunity to make money. And I own a part of the business, and will continued to get paid even after I leave the company. It is also truly rewarding work because I know that I am providing financial protection for the worst day in someone’s life.

What are some perks to the job?

The all expense paid annual trips are the absolute best! I have qualified to attend our national convention two years in a row. The first year I went we stayed at the Waldorf Astoria in Puerto Rico and this year’s was in San Francisco. They wine and dine you and a guest and it’s non-stop fun from start to finish. Next year we are going to Cancun. I can’t wait!


Oh, did I mention the complete freedom in my schedule? If I want to take a Friday off to go on a 3-day camping trip, I do. If I want to go home to see my family for Christmas and stay for a week, I just put it on the calendar…no permission necessary

What do you think makes a good account manager?

You have to like people and want to help them. Networking is a definite plus. You have to be self-motivated. While there are systems in place to help you succeed at the end of the day, you have to be invested in your own success. Not everyone can handle the autonomy and freedom this position has, you need self discipline. You have to have follow-through and be committed to serving your clients and always looking out for ways to help others and share this opportunity.

Can anyone apply from anywhere and with any type of previous experience?

Absolutely! We have people working all over the state of Texas and at least three other neighboring states. People have come from so many different previous careers including teaching, the military, nursing, the restaurant industry and the list goes on and on.

You will be mentored by myself or another Sr. Account Manager throughout your first few months and you'll work with a team.

Our positions are very much defined by the individuals that fill them.  So we will have to see in what ways you could contribute.  We're not a fan of a resume, so while we will take one and admire your hard work put into creating it, we lined up a few questions giving you all the freedom to really share what makes you tick!